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Vethie's Journal

tell the folks at home what you're doing Roger;;;

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Hi, my name is Veth. I also answer to Vethie or Señor Awesome.

My current main fandoms include:
- Baccano!
- Jackie Chan Adventures
- Pokémon
- Digimon
- and intoducing, the new friend...... Kokoro Connect
but I have a lot of others too! :D

I have a Tumblr and a Dreamwidth.

I'm currently participating in the 100 Things Challenge, topic: 100 of my fandoms.
That's the bulk of my posts right now, interspersed with occasional life updates.

I like things and people. Message me! c:

animal crossing, anime, anime conventions, barenaked ladies, bishounen, bleach, bob, boys in eyeliner, boys kissing, british accents, britishisms, canada, canadia, claude frollo, code geass, computers, conventions, cool hair, cosplay, daniel faraday, dar williams, darth maul, death note, desmond hume, deviantart, digimon, discworld, douglas adams, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dragostea din tei, drawing, el goonish shive, fanart, fanfiction, fangirling, femslash, finnish, friends, futurama, genderswap, good times, guys with glasses, harry potter, het, hetalia, hobbits, homestar runner, host club, hourou musuko, hunchback of notre dame, inside jokes, internet, jack sparrow, japan, japanese, jeff, john linnell, jonathan coulton, kerog!!!, kuroshitsuji, lemon demon, lightsabers, livejournal, long hair, long-haired guys, lord of the rings, lost, mackenzie crook, manga, memes, middle names, miyazaki, mondegreens, monty python, moxy früvous, mullets, multiple otps, musical theater, musicals, my friends, napoleon dynamite, narrator/raven, naruto, ninjas, nintendo, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, not having homework, obsessing, opera, order of the stick, parodies, phoenix wright, pie, pirate ninjas, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, plays, pokémon, ponyo, ponyo's hot dad, pretty guys, prétear, randomness, reading, rent, rick astley, rick murray, sandman, scottish accents, scrubs, shakespeare, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, show tunes, sith lords, slash, sock puppets, sound five, star wars, stuff, super smash bros. brawl, sweeney todd, szayel aporro grantz, terry pratchett, the office, the office (uk), the sentence game, theater, they might be giants, threesomes, twewy, unconventional pairings, vampires, video games, voice actors, watchmen, weird al yankovic, your face, your mom, youtube poop

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